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Fifth Response

Page history last edited by Shaun Hicks II 10 years, 10 months ago


Ayanna Green




I picked this ad to analyze because Victoria's Secret is one of the biggest companies that sells women's underwear, sleepwear, and beauty products.  Whenever a woman sees an advertisement about Victoria's Secret, whether its promoting a new line of underwear, a sale, etc., it will automatically attract women.  Many women trust and love the products that this company sells.

Sydney Jovaisa




Rather than promoting a product, this advertisement is sending out a message to viewers of the consequences to drinking and driving. Although the ad is somewhat humorous, the issue that is being brought to attention is not. People do not realize what can happen if they decide to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, and this ad "directs" the driver to three very likely endings; jail, hospitalization, or even death. If these type of ads got more publicity, rather than clothing or beverage ads, maybe people would think twice about drinking and driving.

DeRaina Stinson 



The reason why this ad is acceptable to analyze is because this explains why smoking could kill and they way that the "smokes" are in the coffin. This ad convinces me that this ad is very much bad for your health. Most people die from lung cancer,and  throat cancer from smoking. It tells me that this is very dangerous if  you continue smoking. BASICALLY YOU COULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS LIKE SAY SMOKE AND YOU DIE. THIS AD DOESN'T MAKE ME WANNA BUY THIS PRODUCT BECAUSE IM NOT TRYING TO DIE FROM SMOKING.

Courtney Redding 



The ad is acceptable to analyis becasue it makes you feel like you have to do something with your life. "Hey you sitting there on the couch you spend all day on the phone any way why not make a phone call that counts". This ad is pathos in the biggest way, I know alot of people after seeing this comerical they had to call or do something better with there life. So it is very persuasive because they play it every few minutes and they say stuff that make you feel like if you don't call you will be nothing.

Deonnia Sanders 


This phone is amazing! I was very impressed with the adivertisment, so impressed I went out and purchased the phone the day it came out. The adivertisment was impressive to me because of all of the features the phone had and the layout.  It is a high end Android smartphone. It has a 4 inch sreen, 5 megapixel camera that converts to a front face camera, 4G data, bluetooth, and wifi.

Paul Peregord


Dodge Challenger


I think this commercial is not only funny, but it tugs on our heart strings. It makes us proud to be American and it makes us remember what we had to fight for. It has a patriotic feel to it, and in the end when it says "American got two things right, cars and freedom.", it almost walks up next to you and says, "Hey, you like cars? You like America? Drive Dodge..."



Lindsey Prato




I think this commercial is perfect to analyze. They are not only bashing the tobacco company but they are making a statement at the same time. They are making a statement by telling the public that the glass in these pops, also known as the glass in tobacco products will cause health problems and they will eventually affect your health. They make those products look stupid by putting glass in popsicles and they make you look even stupider that the public is still supporting these products. 


Tanisha Walton



I found this ad to be a hilarious spoof of Calvin Klein. It is good to analyze because this man is not your typical Calvin Klein model. He is not sexy,nor does he have six pack abs and a hairless stomach. However, those qualities are not found in every man,and having them does not make the man. The ad shows "Reality" and lets it be known that any man can wear Calvin Klein.


Hassen Berry


I thought many people would post ad's about smoking cigarettes. So i decided to do something else, like got milk? I think this Ad would be a great Ad to analyze because most of us have seen many of these kinds of Ad's with other stars featuring the Ad. It has promoted milk. I believe milk is a key drink in many of our lives and it gives us the energy to complete many tasks during the day. Also I thought it was time to give the picture thought and write something about it, instead of just looking at the got milk logo and the superstar football player with the milk mustache. 

Rishi Bamba 




This Gatorade commercial is an acceptable ad to analyze, because it shows how the best athletes in the world, such as Peyton Manning, Dwyane Wade, Derek Jeter, and Maria Sharapova drink Gatorade and doing so helps propel each of them in their respective sports. After watching this commercial, I felt motivated to work out and drink Gatorade. Watching this commercial made me realize that if these athletes rely on this drink while playing and working out, then it must really enhance their level of play and give them extra energy.

Eric Kroepel




I’m sure you have all seen this commercial, it’s hilarious. The commercial is significant due to the auto antonym used, which is a word that can take two (or more) opposite meanings. This is interesting to analyze for men and women! It can persuade a man or woman to buy this product either to use or to buy as a gift. This advertisement is rather… well, self-explanatory for the uses and convinces me (and I’m sure a lot of other men) to purchase this product. Another aspect I found interesting is how the advertisement is only directed towards men and can be broadcasted on television due to the auto antonym used.


Kelly Klopocinski






i believe this commercial is perfect to analyze because this really gets womens attention better then other birth control pills do. Not only are these women telling us that on this specific birth control do all your symptoms like cramps, and bloating go away, but also they mention through the commercial that on this pill your period comes only three times a year, and they talk about how there is no medical need that says we need to get every month. This commercial is convincing women to want to choose seasonique as their birth control, because what woman wouldn't want their period only 3 times a year?

Nobledeep Dhillon




this commercial is funny and catches ones attention. instead of skipping the commercial you end up watching, which is one part the company try there hardest to do, getting the audience to watch the commercial. 



Jonathan Bezenah 








I chose these advertisements to show the trope of sex in advertising. In many ads, sex is utilized to attach consumers to buying their products. Each ad uses the same techniques in getting people to buy their products. I chose this because I think it is very interesting at how many ads have some relation or innuendo to sex. Not only so many ads include this, but the products advertised sell very well.


Lia Hale




I chose one of the Human Society commercials because it shows a great example of pathos. These commercials definitely use emotion to promote donating money to help out Humane Societies and adopting an animal is saving their life. They show pictures of badly beaten and really skinny animals, then they ad the sad music and right away you say something like "that's so sad" or "how could someone do that". Seeing these commercials is one of the main reasons that I 'surprised' my mom with a new dog, I went out and saved a life.



Shaun Hicks





I chose this old spice commercial because it a great example of how companies get inside the consumers head to get them to buy a product. Also the fact that Isaiah Mustafa, former NFL wide receiver, did this in one take was simply awesome.





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