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September 29

Page history last edited by Conor Shaw-Draves 9 years, 10 months ago

Hooked on Fame




Project One

Project Two

Fame Junkies

Chapter Assignment

"All of this creates a perception, and to some extent a reality, that it is now much easier to become famous. This perception is only bolstered by the emergence of reality TV, which ostensibly makes people famous for simply 'being themselves'" (xxi).


"Of course I'm being a bit hyperbolic -- but this stuff [fame] is a little like heroin. I guess once you get used to a certain degree of attention, you need more, so you build up a tolerance and I think there is no end to where this spiral could go ..." (xxiii).


Easy Fame?


Too Much Violence?


Like Heroin? Like an Addiction?

Chapter assignments:

Chapter 1: Rishi, Regina, Kelly

Chapter 2: Hassen, Frank, Sydney

Chapter 3: Jonathan, Tanisha, Eric

Chapter 4: Nobledeep, Deraina, Chris

Chapter 5: Shantel, Deonnia, Shaun

Chapter 6: Stephine, Jazmine, Paul

Chapter 7: Ayanna, Courtney, Lia

Chapter 8: Erika, Lindsey

Conclusion: All

For Friday:

Read assigned chapters and post to the Seventh Response.



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