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Nobledeep Dhillon- project one

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                                              Mac’s take over Pc’s


The companies’ uses commercials to catch the attention of the audience, and to make them feel as if without their product the consumer is vulnerable and they must buy it. Apple does that amazingly with their Mac versus Pc commercials. Apple is able to hit all the right area, the person’s logos, pathos and ethos. There is also a bit of comic relief to keep the audience hooked on the commercial and watch them again and again. In order to catch the audience’s attention a company must make it’s audience feel that the product will make their life easier and more functional. Mac in the commercial does that very well. One must examine the commercial and see the techniques used by the big apple to capture our attention. When one first watch the commercial, they see an over weight person dress in suit and tie imitated as a pc, where as the Mac is a cool slim person with casual cloths. Then the pc is always is doing something which apple computer does better, this is seen through out the entire apple computer commercial line. And one cannot miss the part where the apple person will say something, which will make apple look superior and caring where as the pc’s are unreliable and rude. Logos is the logical thinking one applies before buying a product. Apple succeeds at getting the consumer to think that it is logical to by a apple over a pc because Mac are more reliable and it is an investment which will last unlike the pc computers. This makes the consumer want to buy an apple computer because no one wants a computer, which they have to return, or have to keep sending in for repairs. Even though apple might be bit more expensive but one considers the cost of sending the laptop in for repair and the time they might be without a laptop. This might also make one think it might be a better idea to buy a Mac.  Some commercials states how there is a apple store close to everyone, which one can go to if they have any problem with their computer or if they want to learn more about there computer. And also how apple give classes to new user so that they can learn how to use their computer to the full potential. This is another example how apple gets the consumers logos to work for there own good because it makes the consumer think it is a convenient for them to buy a apple because one can go and talk to a person face to face if they had any problem instead of talking to a person on a phone.  It just seems like a right thing to do, it just seems right to buy an apple. It is also considered cool to own an apple now days just because the way they look and the image they carry with them. A person is considered cool if they own a Mac, that is the image which apple has implanted in the mind of the people. It is that image which brings several consumers to buy an apple and it is the pathos of the consumer, which causes them to buy the computer. Pathos is the emotions of the consumer and there appeal to the others. Everyone wants to be liked and considered cool.  Even if one does not really become the center of attention, it is the belief that the laptop will make them pop out a little and make them different from the rest. In the commercial it is visible how the apple personal is dressed in casual, cool and hip cloths, where as the pc personal is in suite and tie. It is not just that the pc is wearing a suit. It is the type of suit the pc personal is wearing. It is shown as old looking with colors not appealing to one’s eyes. Also the pc personal is always shown as a chubby personal where as the Mac is a slim person. This shows how Mac’s are slim, sleek, modern and cool to own.  The cloths also have a silent message that Mac’s are more entertaining and friendlier, where as the pc are boring and fat. They are trying to say that pc’s are not attractive. This in turn affects the consumer’s pathos and their mind set about the computer companies.  One does not want a computer, which is boring and bulky. A computer is an accessory which one carries and is part of there personality. So no one wants to be seen as a boring and a bulky person. This plays with ones emotion, even though the product they are buying might not be good but at the end of the day but it is cool and everyone wants to be cool. Apple computer had built a reputation of them being reliable, slim, trendy and attractive. This is the ethos of the company and it helps in bringing the consumers to that company and becoming a valued customer.  Name sells just as sex does. Once a company has their name established, they can make a mistake and it would not be considered a big issue, unlike if a new company comes in and makes a mistake. This makes one company stand out compared to others. If a person says they have a dell computer, one will not to be amazed but if one mentions apple. The other person will think a bit more and it make the person with the Mac stand out. Since Mac’s are bit expensive, not everyone buys them; this makes them a rare breed. People buy the apple sticker to put on their dell’s and hp’s and this shows how a logo of a company or the name of the company can have an major affect on the people.  Just the fact that other label there computers as an apple even when the are not, states how apple made an strong impact in the computer market and how a lot of people wants to own one. The only reason one does not buy a Mac is because of its high price. Since people think apple stand for being reliable and trendy, they want to buy one because one wants to deal with a broken and unreliable computer because computer now days is a basic necessity and one cannot live without one. Computer to us now days is like having a knife in the kitchen. Apple understands that and gives its consumer exactly what they want. A sleek, lightweight, attractive and a reliable computer is what apple provides to the people, plus all the extra good feelings they get for owning a Mac. Thus it is clear how apple uses pathos, logos, and ethos to attract customers and to sell their products. It is the image which they have created in peoples mind and have based their strong hold on being one of the best personal computer in the market, which sells there products. Apple puts down the pc in order to win over their consumers mind and to make them think that pc are the worst computer one can buy unless they want to buy something boring or if one wants a unreliable computer. Commercials do help a company reach the limits it has not reached before and be something, which everyone can remember.




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