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No education has a dead end

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            Imagine being in the sight of flying airplanes over your head dropping bombs and soldiers firing at you with no mercy. They want to see your blood on the floor and see you fall like a domino.  This was no dream to George Orwell as he fought in the Spanish Civil War in 1937. He experienced it and he even experienced more, more like Stalin. Stalin was the ruler of the communist Soviet Union back in the 1940’s. He rebelled and overthrew his enemy Trotsky from power. Stalin was the man with all the power and ruled the lower working class. He brought death to humans in the Soviet that had any idea of opposing his views or actions.  He had no mercy just like the high-powered animals in Animal Farm. Animal Farm was written in 1947 by George Orwell. Orwell was a well known journalist and a political giant. He used his journalism skills to write Animal Farm with a political purpose. His purpose was to show to the world that Stalin was consuming power through his lower uneducated working class while he produced nothing. Orwell states in the introduction of Animal Farm that “Man is the only creature that produces without consuming”. Animal Farm surely shows that being educated and having power can either make your dreams come true or come to the end of the road.

            It was a farm but a very unique farm with animals that were treated unfairly and wanted to rebel against their farmer, Mr. Jones. It started off with a dream of Old Major, an old boar. One night after Mr. Jones was asleep, the animals gathered in the farm house. All animals from sheep, hens, birds, dogs, horses and pigs were gathered around Old Major. He spoke to them about the dream that he had about rebelling against the humans. He discussed in his dream that “No animal in England is free. The life of an animal is misery and slavery: this is the plain truth”. (p.28) Also he stated that “Man does not give milk, does not lay eggs and is not strong enough to pull a plough, yet he is Lord to all the animals”. (p.29)  He shouted “Rebellion!” and to “Only get rid of man, and the produce of labour would be our own”. (p.30) Animals are only animals that know what they are told to do. They are not educated; they don’t know right from wrong and surely cannot decide how a farm is to be run. They knew how to rebel because Old Major was teaching them through his dream and was only planting the seeds in their minds. The animals were motivated my Major’s speech. They were even more motivated when they knew that Old Major had died. The death of their comrade brought closure to all the animals of the farmland and closer to rebellion.  The animals were led by pigs, the brains, Napoleon and Snowball. They did not wait; they kicked Mr. Jones off his farm and declared a win. Not only a win but they had inscribed in the farmhouse commandments. The pigs were in charge of this event and stated that all “animals are equal, that no animal should kill another animal, and anything on two feet is bad and four feet is good”. (p.43)

            The farm was in progress with the pigs leading it. They were able to get a hold of magazines and books to teach themselves how to further educate themselves. They were learning how to read and write. The pigs were commanding the farm, feeding the rest of the animals, controlling when they were to work and how much food they would all get. All this work was going on and the pigs were only teaching themselves how to read and write while the other animals were physically working hard on the farm to manage the crops, lay eggs, and produce milk. The hardest worker of them all was Boxer the horse, he would work ten times more than any other animal but could not read past the letter D. He could only do what he was told and was not able to think by himself because he did not have the education to think. Napoleon and Snowball were in command with Squealer being their messenger. Times were getting tough for the animals as they were being short of supplies for the farm. Tougher work schedules, less breaks and less food for all the animals except the pigs. The animals needed major leadership to get them through these hard times and Napoleon seemed to come to rise. Napoleon and Squealer had outlawed Snowball and turned him into a bad guy, that he was eating more then everyone else and that he was going over to nearby farms. They sold the rest of the animals on the fact that Snowball was associating with humans and that he is betraying the farm they work so hard to keep operating. Napoleon spoke to the animals that he wanted Snowball dead or alive, and who ever caught him was to be rewarded with more food. After Snowball was kicked out of the farm, he was never seen again. The pigs grew stronger with power because a classroom was built for the younger of the pigs.

            The animals started to grow old and were producing less while the pigs were enjoying themselves sitting and watching the other animals work. The pigs started to do outside work with humans. They were buying supplies using a third neutral party from the other farmers through a friend Mr. Whymper. Sheep, hens and the rest of the animals were complaining for the pigs dealing with humans, but Squealer explained that they needed this business to better improve the farm. They need food for the animals, supplies for the farm and business. This was all explained through Squealer to the animals and made them feel comfortable about the business with the humans. Animals were being executed because they were being accused of dealing with Snowball. Snowball was an enemy to Napoleon and the rest of the farm because he had been accused of dealing with other farms and meeting humans. Boxer had an uproar to this because he remembered the commandments, that no animal should kill another animal. Then again Squealer came into the picture and disrupted him that these animals were causing confusion and harm to the farm because they were in contact with a trader, Snowball. Boxer once again agreed with Squealer because he was a friend of Napoleon and Boxer liked Napoleon very much.

            Orwell professionally organized his ideas of how to relate Animal Farm to what he hated the most, Stalin. That Stalin was the person that led the rebellion, like the pigs led the rebellion in Animal Farm. Stalin and the pigs were the superpowers because they were well educated. Educated enough to be in control and have enough power over the lower class or the uneducated class. This shows that to be successful and powerful that any animal or human must have an educational background. The pigs taught themselves to read and write and with that they grew with power. 


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