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Jazmine Robinson

Nov, 4, 2010

Eng 1020


     Everyone dreams of being a celebrity, famous or popular. There is a wide range of ways by which people may considered as a celebrities, from their profession, appearances in the mass media, or even by their popularity. Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone who gets media attention and shows an extroverted personality. Celebrities have a certain image to obtain because there in the public eye all the time. They set trends to the world whether it’s from what their clothes to their hair styles they even set trends threw their music. From the outside looking in everyone thinks being a celebrity is all good but all in all there are problems that come with being a celebrity like celebrity gossip, and rumors. 

     Celebrities live a certain lifestyle that makes people look up to them. Lifestyle is the way a person lives. Celebrities have a tune of money to live the way they want like houses, cars, eat at the best of the best restaurants and to others that considered as living lavish. When you think of celebrities the first thing come to your mind is money. Celebrities are known for being rich and very wealthy. Rich is having wealth or valuable resources. Wealth is a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property, or other riches. Both these words ties back to each other because they share some of the same meaning. When defining these words you can see that bother there definition uses the other word in it to define itself. They also ties back to lifestyle in the sense that people look up to others that’s wealthy and or rich.

     I beleive that its important for all celebrities to have a great personality to succeed in the business. Personality means to have the quality of being a person existence as a self-conscious human being personal identity. No one wants to be like somebody that doesn’t have a great personality. This definition of personality should be broken down a little more to be clearer than what it is. In the definition they used the word existence, which is defined as something that exists. Self-conscious is excessively aware observed by others. These two words ties back to personality as well as celebrity because they are both defined as something that exists and observed by others.

 To be a celebrity you have to uphold a certain image because you’re always in the public eye, your always being followed and watched. Image is defined as a physical likeness or representation of a person, animal, or thing.  There are always rumors in the magazine about celebrities that’s not true and some maybe; however, whether what’s in the magazine about a celebrity is true or not it, shouldn’t show because they stay in the public eye, and it could affect their performance. There’s a certain reputation that celebrities have to live up to. Reputation means the estimation in which a person or thing is held by the community or the public generally.  The definition of image and reputation ties back to celebrity in a lot of ways. One because in the definition image it stated it was defined as a physical likeness and most of the time the main reasons why celebrities are liked and looked up to because of their appearance. Appearance is defined as the act or fact of appearing, as to the eye or mind or before the public.

Celebrities get judged by the public all the time based on their appearance all the time.  They have very little privacy because there always in the public eye. Privacy is the state of being free intrusion disturbance in one’s private life or affairs. Weather there at the gym out eating or even in their own backyard celebrities has very little privacy. There not free to do exactly what they want because there always going to get judged. Free is enjoying personal rights or library, as a person who is not in slavery. They have to be very careful of what they do because so many people look up to them and admire what they do. A person that’s looked up to are considered as role models.

Celebrities are role models to everybody all over the world. So many people in the entertainment business set great examples for the young people to strive for the best. Whether you’re a singer, rapper, actress, actor or even basketball player there are always someone that looks up to you. Celebrities are leaders to young people. A leader is defined as a person or thing that leads. To me Having someone that wants to follow in your footsteps is considered as a leader. I feel in order to get the opportunity to be considered as a leader you have to be worthy enough. Worthy is commendable excellence or merit: deserving. Meaning celebrities that are looked up to are excellent at what they do and they deserve to be considered as a role model. Many celebrities that are being looked up to have a notable success, notable is worthy of note or notice meaning the celebrity have to stand out at what they do.

An appearance is so important to me because I believe that if you look good you feel good. Appearance is the act or an instance of appearing, as to the eye, before the public. Looks matter a lot in many situations especially when you’re a celebrity on the red carpet. No one wants to look at a women have dressed or male with his pants sagging. Physical appearance does affect your overall personality because it puts out a statement. Celebrity’s appearance is very important because they have to impress people in social situations. It’s almost like when going to an event as big as the red carpet you should dress in dress code meaning formal. 

When I think about being a celebrity the first thing that comes to my mind is fame. Fame is widespread reputation, esp. of a favorable character; renown; public eminence. To understand what fame really is you would have to define what renown is. Renown is defined as a widespread and high reputation. Fame and renown has basically the same meaning because they used some of the same words in the definition. Like widespread and reputation. Stardom ties back to celebrity also because celebrities are considered as a star. Stardom is the status of a star preeminent performer. I believe that all celebrities have to be a great performer. Performer is to carry out; execute.

     Celebrities have to live up to what they do. What I mean by that is they have to stay in favor of the general public. Weather is threw what they do, wear, or there personality. I can relate to celebrities when it comes to popularity simply because I experienced it. During high school I was and I help a certain image that I had to obtain in order to stay popular. Popularity is defined as the favor of the general public of a particular group of people. But who is necessarily the particular group of people to determine whether you should be popular or not? Is it based on the majority of the people that favors a certain person enough to consider them as popular? When you hear popularity you automatically drift off into saying popular although it may seem like they mean the same there definitions are completely different. Popular means regarded with favor, approval, or affection by people in general. Popularity means a group and popular means a single.  A celebrity doesn’t stay famous just of one person like they have to favor the whole general public.

Celebrities have to up hold a certain status quo to stay at that status. Once they lose this status quo they become that group of celebrities that people refer to as 5 minutes of fame. Than they career starts to become average. Career is success in a profession, or occupation.  Many celebrities haven’t been able to make a career out of being famous because their profession may not have made enough money or it may have been to competitive. In everything celebrities do it’s almost like there competing because that field is so competitive. Competitive is having a strong desire to compete or succeed.  Both career and competitive ties back to celebrity in so many ways and one way it ties back is threw there definitions. After defining both words you sees the relation between both words in there meanings and how it ties back to celebrity.

     Most celebrities are generous because of the fact that they give back to their community, however some celebrities only give back because of their tax break. Generous is liberal in giving or sharing; unselfish.  Celebrities influence others in so many ways especially the younger crowed. The ways celebrities influence others threw their music, clothing line, there make up, the way they dress, and even threw the way they talk. Influence is the capacity or power of a person or thing to be a compelling on or produce effects on the actions, behavior options, est.  I believe that rappers and singers have a huge influence on the lives of the people that pay attention to them. The reason why this is true is because rappers uses violence in their music and this leads to young men committing violent acts because of what they heard on a song or what they seen in their video. This influence isn’t just confined to violence but it’s also involved calling females out there name and riding in lavish cars.  Both generosity and influence ties back into being a celebrity.

Ultimately celebrities try to achieve that statue of “immortality”. This consists of celebrities trying to achieve that highest award in their profession like a golden globe an academy award or even a Grammy.  If a celebrity gets nominated for any of these prestige awards then they may start making more money due to them being nominated that award.  Immortality is enduring fame.  This is connects back to celebrities because there enduring fame and their achievements is never forgotten.

     In conclusion there is more to being a celebrity than just what we see in the media. There are several of words that ties back to celebrities. Although they may have a different meaning after defining them you’ll see how they all have something in common. Celebrities are considered famous, they have lavish lifestyles but often they forget how much influence others they are role model to others which means they are leaders. As leaders should be generous and give back to the community. With their award achievement and generosity they ultimately achieve there immortality.



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