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November 8

Page history last edited by Conor Shaw-Draves 9 years, 9 months ago

The Great Debate!!!


And who says debate teams aren't cool? I mean look at those killer pink shirts.





  • Today, we DEBATE!!!

Based on the readings, "RNC Chairman: Obama's Health Care is Socialism", and "The Health Care Vote: One More Step on a Long, Slow Journey", one side will take the "prs" and one side will take the "con".


The teams will be devided as such:

  • One team will be composed of the winners of the last debate
  • The other will be composed of the judges from the last debate
  • Any of you lame-o slackers that weren't in class for the last debate will be placed on a team according to what team(s) need extra people
  • The loserz, LOSERZ from the last debate will serve as the judges for this debate (and please, no vindictiveness against the judges from the last time, you guys lost fair and square)


The rules are as follows:


1. A coin toss will decide which of the two debating teams gets to decide which perspective (pro/con) to argue. Another coin toss will then decide which team goes first.


2.The two teams will then be given 10 minutes to prepare their opening statements.


3. Five minute arguments will be made by a representative (or representatives) of each group


4. After 10 more minutes of prep time, a different spokesman for each team will rebut the opposing team's initial argument (the team that went second during the first round will go first during the second round).


5. Afterwards, the panel of judges will convene privately to decide which team won the debate. The winners will receive a "special" prize!


Wednesday and Friday will be film days.

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