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Tuition at Wayne state should be lowered

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Low-income and high cost has stopped many people from entering high educational system. College is not as affordable as it was a decade ago. Every year, tuition goes up at Wayne State University and has been going up for the past few years I have been here. My proposal is to lower the tuition, so that some of us that are not from rich families can afford the university education. Just in the past year the tuition has gone up by 1.8 % and this has been happening ever since I started college here. Every year, tuition will go up few percent and if we add up for the past four-year it is quite a substantial amount increase. Tuition has gone up but the average income is still about the same if not lower because of the recession. It is hard for a student to pay his tuition on his own now without taking a loan and without working while studying. In turn this affects the students ability to study when they are tired of working to make money for school and from the stress of how they will pay for the tuition. In order to support further advancement of our society and to give an equal chance to everyone to have a university education, tuition should be lowered so that a student can actually pay attention in school rather than worry about how they are going to pay for it.


            In the start of last year at Wayne State University, the tuition increased by 1.8%. This has become a tradition here at Wayne state to increase the tuition every year by few percent. Despite the fact that there are less student jobs on campus and the housing cost has also gone up in the past year. Most of the library student jobs were taken away and were given to directed study students. The students who were international and relied on those for their month expenses were left stranded because there are no many jobs on campus where they could work and since they are international students, they cannot work off-campus. Having an increase in tuition builds an extra stress on their mind about how they are going to pay of the tuition without asking for money from back home. Wayne State might say that it has to increase the tuition because it does not get enough funding from the government but it should think about the students as well. What will they do in order to provide that money and where will they work? I know one might say that they are here to study and not work and make money. But for an international student, it is a lot of money in general when they study abroad.  But this not only applies to people who come from other countries to study but also for domestic students. They also require jobs on campus and lower tuition so that they are not in massive debt when they finish college. So it is not a regret they have for going to college.  One must come out of the college thinking that they accomplished something in their life, not a burden of debt on their shoulders. Education is an essential part of one to improve him/her self. It should be affordable to all, and for the few but for the mass. So the tuition at Wayne State University should be lowered so that everyone has a chance to have a university education and be someone that they dreamt to be.


Policy makers have long been concerned that the cost of higher education may create a barrier to entry for students wanting to attend college”(The Effects of Tuition and State Financial Aid on Public College Enrollment, Donald E. Heller). Entry a college for higher education has become harder than it used to be because there is more competition and more students are going for the same degree rather than perusing different fields. Also the cost of higher education has created a barrier, which enables only the people who are well of with money, or has their parents supporting them. Otherwise a person, who does not have a lot of money, tends not to go to college because they have to take loans from the bank in order to fulfill their educational needs. By increasing the tuition, Wayne State in broadening the barrier and disabling the people whom are going to school right now or will be from further obtaining their education. Increasing the tuition discourages the students from entering the college. It is true that “the level of institutional support of public institutions helps to determine the tuition paid by students; the higher the support provided by the state, the lower generally is the tuition paid by all students”(The Effects of Tuition and State Financial Aid on Public College Enrollment, Donald E. Heller). It might be the case that Wayne State might have not got enough money from the state, thus they had to increase the tuition. But that does not seem to be the case when Wayne State are putting up television all over campus where there is no need for them. That just makes the student think that their tuition is going to no good cause and they are being charged extra for no reason. The overall cost of education at Wayne State has gone up. It is not only the cost of classes and books but the cost of housing have also increased. Having a high cost of living on campus discourages the students to live on campus and Wayne State says they do not have enough money to run the housing because not enough people live on campus. Well since the cost is high, not many students want to live here. If Wayne State were to lower the housing cost and have cheaper meal plans, a lot more people will start to live on campus. Wayne State may argue where will they get the money if the state does not provide them with money and they lower the tuition. How will they run the institution? Well instead of increasing the tuition by 1.8%, increase the tuition by 1% so it does not seem as much and also lower the housing cost a little so that more people are living on campus so that Wayne State can make more money from housing that way. If they want to increase one thing, they must decrease the other so the burden on the students is not over barring. Also higher the cost of education the worst student might perform because of the tension how is he/she going to pay for the tuition.


            “The absence of cost-driven motivation has often been accused as the main cause of students’ poor performance”(Paying Tuition and Academic Performance of Students at the Zagreb University School of Medicine, Matija Prka, Drazen Pulaniæ, Edgar Glavaš). This is quite true, that higher the educational cost, worst the student might perform. The reason might be that the student is think more about how they are going to pay for the tuition and how they are going to be in debt when they graduate rather than pay attention to their studies. One cannot blame the student for this type of thinking. “The median undergraduate debt was $16,500, which represents a monthly loan payment of $156. The 36 percent of borrowers who went on to graduate school accumulated an average of $31,700, and a median of $23,700 of additional debt to support their higher-level studies” (College on Credit: How Borrowers Perceive Their Education Debt, Sandy Baum and Marie O’Malley). As it can be seen that the median for debt for a student is quite high, but this is the median, the average is even higher. By increasing the tuition all one is doing is increasing the average debt a student will accumulate. Since there are no jobs to provide extra relief, the debt only going to increase substantially. Wayne State should take that into consideration and should lower the tuition so that a student is not in a huge debt when they leave the college. Also lowering the tuition will give a chance to other students as well who cannot afford expensive higher education. “In 1947, President Truman's Commission on Higher Education sounded an alarm concerning equality of access for all students to the nation's colleges and universities” (Paying Tuition and Academic Performance of Students at the Zagreb University School of Medicine, Matija Prka, Drazen Pulaniæ, Edgar Glavaš). It might seem as if everything is fine and education is a equal right for everyone but it is still not. The students who cannot afford university education are still left behind, even though they might be capable of better things than most of the students in the university. Having a high tuition disables students from being able to get into universities and also the one which are in the university, it disables them to fully engage into studies and perform at there best. Education should be equally available to everyone, either rich or poor. Lowering the tuition will enable the low-income families to send their children to school and have they gain a degree and a good paying job so that they can support the family and their needs. Lowering the tuition not only benefits the students but also their families because it is a chance for a family to improve their financial condition and have a more confortable life. Saving for university would not be an impossible goal. Everyone can be and would be able to got to university.


            Wayne State University is a state university, here to serve the community and by increasing the tuition it is just creating a barrier in the community. Low-income students cannot attend university. Since they do not make enough to support themselves and pay for the school. If tuition was lowered it will greatly help everyone and will encourage more people to come to Wayne State. If the tuition was lowered, more students will consider coming to Wayne State rather than going to other university because of lower tuition will attract student to come to Wayne State. So if Wayne State is worried that lowering the tuition will unable them to run everything smoothly because of less revenue. But the revenue increase or would not be affected that much because more students will be attracted to come to Wayne State thus more tuition money, thus more revenue. So lowering the tuition might actually help Wayne State and it will also make it much safer because more students on campus will decrease the crime rate because it is less likely that a person will try to rob someone when there are other people around. So it has several benefits, it not only gets more students to come to Wayne State but also it makes Wayne State a safer university. Having more student on campus and having more eyes to keep each other safe, makes Wayne State a safe university it self. So Wayne state should lower the tuition because it will only help everyone and will make the job of police officers easier on campus. If the police officer has less to worry about they can patrol the area better and in place they really need to and provide a safe environment for students. Considering all these benefits, it just seems right to lower the tuition. Wayne State should really consider lowering the tuition. It will benefit the whole Wayne State community and the community around the Wayne are or any international students.


            After looking at all the facts and the point I believe Wayne State should lower the tuition. It will benefit all the students and help them get better grades in school. It will take the burden of the shoulders of international students and domestic students and give them a relief from the high tuition cost. On average a international student pays 10-11 thousands a semester for 8-9 credits and a domestic student pays about the half of it. As it can be seen that lowering the tuition will save the students thousands of dollar and that is thousand of dollars that they would not be in debt. Since there are not that many jobs on campus to support ones self on campus, several international are forced to work of campus on cash paying jobs because they are not allowed to work of-campus. Either Wayne State allows them to work of-campus or should lower the tuition so that they are not paranoid all the time how will they pay off their tuition. Lowering the tuition will not hurt Wayne States overall revenue in order for it to run the university. It will actually attract more students to come to Wayne State and increase the revenue and also Wayne State will help make a better more educated society in which there are not differences. Each one of the members of society will have an equal chance to go to university, either poor or rich. The barrier, which might be invisible to some of us, will not be there anymore. Every single student will get an equal chance and would not have a great debt when they graduate. Therefore, it is my proposal that Wayne State University should lower the tuition, to make higher education more affordable and in the reach of anyone who wants to obtain it.























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